Band Members

Bernd (Bass) - Profile
Christoph (Guitar) - Profile
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Band History

RAVAGE was founded back in 2000 in Düsseldorf,Germany by Demian Heuke, Daniel Pietzsch, Jan Michels aka Lordbier and Dennis Thiele with the aim to play hellish and fierce Thrash/Death Metal. The band simply calls their music style "Thrash Death Attack".
In November 2000 RAVAGE started playing live. In February 2001 the band released their first demo called “TO KILL AND DESTROY” in order to get more possibilities to play live. A lot of concerts followed since May 2003 when RAVAGE released their 1st record called “INFERNAL DEVASTATION”. A high speed old school thrash death inferno. From little online metal mags up to the big print metal magazines ID received just overwhelming reviews. Many gigs followed, solidifying the bands position in the German underground as a satanic thrashing force. To this day, RAVAGE has played about 100 shows.
In January 2005 the band released their 2nd record "GET FUCKING SLAUGHTERED".
GFS heralded an even faster and heavier chapter of the German "Thrash Death Attack". After the release of a 4 track Promo in early 2007, the RAVAGE fuckers are now back with their 3rd output "VIOLENT OFFENSE" (Release: Sept. 08). This is the final conflict, so get ready to screw your heads off and praise the fucking goat!!!