Aardvarks (Thrash from Bonn/Germany)

Absence (Melodic Death from Dortmund/Germany)

Abyssaria (Gothic/Black from Neuss/Germany )

Ametropie (Black/Death from Leverkusen/Germany)

Ashes take Shape (Metal aus Neuss/Germany)

Assorted Nails (Death Metal from Freiburg/GER)

Autumn Nostrum (R.I.P.) (Death from Monheim/Germany)

Battlesword (melodic Death from Viersen/Germany)

Belfry (Melodic Metal from Düsseldorf/Germany)

Belphegor (Black/Death from Austria)

Blood Red Angel (Rhine Area Thrash!!!)

Border Of Insanity (Melodic Death/Thrash from Nuremberg)

Brutal Unrest (Death from Monheim/Germany)

Burned Alive (Mass Metal from Herford/ Germany)

Burning Butthairs (Death/Grind from Thüringen/Germany)

By Brute Force (Death from Gummersbach/Germany)

Candescence (Melodic Death from the colognearea)

Chapel Desecrator (RIP) (Thrash from Cologne/Germany)

Crikey (Sphere Metal from Krefeld/Germany)

Darth (Deathcore from Hagen/Germany)

Dead Patriots (asskickin´ Punkrock from Neuss)

Decision to Hate (Metal from Siegen/Germany)

Defectdead (Oldschool Death from Duisburg/Germany)

Depredation (Thrash from Mülheim)

Divine:Zero (Deathmachinery)

Dominion (Old-school Thrash from Hoorn/The Netherlands)

Dream of Nebiros (Romantik Anal Metal from Mexico)

Elmsfire (Metal from Düsseldorf/GER)

Ephel Duath (Jazz MEtal from Italy)

Feindbild Mensch (Black Metal from Düsseldorf)

Grind Inc. (Brutal Death from Krefeld/Germany)

Guerrilla (Thrash from Cologne)

Hate Factor (RIP) (Deathcore from Krefeld/germany)

Hatred (Thrash from Schweinfurt/Germany)

Infecdead (Technical Death Metal from Duisburg)

Insane Mind (Deathmetal from the toilet)

Jack Slater (Bunny-metal from Bonn)

Jormundgard (metal from Krefeld)

Katafalk (Death/Thrash from Groningen NL)

Khaosick (R.I.P.) (Death from Mönchengladbach/Germany)

Kingdom of Salvation (Thrash/Death from Leverkusen/Germany)

Lay Down Rotten (Death from Herborn/Germany)

Lindisfarne (Black/Death from Solingen/Germany)

Mabus (Death from Düsseldorf/Germany)

Midwinter (Dark Heavy metal from D-Town)

N-Jected (Metalcore with Demian from Düsseldorf/Germany)

Nordafrost (Black from Hagen/Germany)

Novembers Fall (Melodic Death Metal from Neukirchen-Vluyn)

Osyris (Melodic Thrash from Ahlen/Germany)

Phoenix Foundation (Death Rock from Düsseldorf/Germany)

Power (Zombiethrash from Cologne)

Respawn (melodic Thrash from Berlin/Germany)

Resurrected (Grind from Duisburg/Germany)

Rotten Seed (Death-Grind from Paderborn)

Ruin (Thrash from Örebrö/Sweden)

Sacrifice (Black Thrash from Bonn/Germany)

Sarx (Death Metal from Siegen)

Senseless (Metal from Eberswalde/Germany)

Skullbreaker (Thrash aus Bochum/Germany)

Solicitude (Death/Thrash from Aachen/Germany)

Still it Cries (Gothic/Death from Monheim/Germany)

Stormrider (Heavy Cult from Castrop Rauxel)

Suffocated Art (Death from Solingen/Germany)

Symbiontic (Technical Death from Bochum/Germany)

Synasthasia (Melodic Metal from Duisburg/Germany)

Toxocara (Death from Groningen/The Netherlands)

Transgression (Death from Leverkusen/Germany)

Vermis (Brutal Death from Düsseldorf feat. our Drumanimal)

Veroxity (Death from Herten/Germany)

Vomit Remnants (Hyper Groove Brutality from Japan)

Warfield Within (Ex-Khaosick, Death from Mönchengladbach)

Witchtower (Thrash from Kleve/Germany)

World Downfall (Death Grind from Cologne )

Worldescape (Melodic Death from Trier/Germany)

Xenotaph (Oldschool Death from Nürnberg/Germany)


BassCulture (Handmade Basses!!! )

BATTLES IN THE NORF (Metalfestival in Neuss)

Die Jury (CD Archiv made by three german heavy maniacs)

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GRIND-ATTACK (Cool new German Underground Mailorder (sells Ravage stuff as well))

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Metal Chaos Festival (Festival in Erfurt/Germany)

Metal Düsseldorf (Infos about Metal in Düsseldorf, Ger)

Metal FC Ratingen (Metal FC Ratingen - Concert Organizer, Germany)

Metal On Demand (German Underground Band portal/ community/ label)

Paradoxon Events (Stefan is organising awesome concerts in the neusser area!!!)

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RAVAGE Hellforce (Ravage at fucking myspace)

Revenge Productions (Metal Distribution)

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