No confirmed Gigs

Gig History

01.10.2010: The Crown Release Show, Turock, Essen
with The Crown

11.09.2010: Haus der Jugend, Duisburg
with Vanir

07.05.2010: Dark Embrace 12, Glashütte, Köln
with Bleed, Slotiy, Hollow Words, Escape Morality,

27.03.2010: Blood Fire Fest, Begegnungsstätte , Bergneustadt-Hackenberg
with Slaves Under Machine Gods, Witching hour, Diabolical imperium, Sabiendas

20.03.2010: age Against Racism Warm-Up, JZ Mühle, Duisburg
with Cause For Confusion,Guerrilla, The Very End

06.03.2010: UNHOLY INQUISITION, Die Halle, Frankfurt
with Obsessör, Delirium Tremens

18.02.2010: Accension To The Throne, Haus Der Jugend, Neuss
with Demonical, Deathbound, My Own Grave

05.02.2010: Blue Shell, Köln
with Power

30.01.2010: Battles in the Norf 7, Haus Derikum, Neuss
with Brutal Unrest, Power

16.10.2009: Druckluft, Oberhausen
with tba

12.09.2009: Intense Festival, Ex-Haus / Balkensaal, Trier
with Slaves Under Machine Gods

29.08.2009: Break the Universe, UFO, Bergisch Gladbach
with Retaliation + tba

22.08.2009: Death Over Düsseldorf, AK47, Düsseldorf
with Tendencia, Warfield Within, Frozen Inside uvm

17.07.2009: Dong Open Air, Dong-Berg, Neukirchen-Vluyn
with Amorphis, Rage, Skyclad, Dornenreich, Kingdom of Salvation, The Very End u.v.m.

18.06.2009: Queens Of Metal, Irgendein Acker, Kleinwenkheim
with Misery Index, Tankard, Illdisposed, Witchburner, etc.pp.

13.06.2009: Rage Against Racism, JZ Mühle, Duisburg
with Motorjesus, Hatefactor, Synasthasia, Custard, uswusf.

06.06.2009: Haus Derikum, Neuss
with Abyssaria, Witchtower, Candescence, Divine Zero

15.05.2009: RKW, Viersen
with Battlesword + tba

21.03.2009: Love&Peace-Festival, JZ MÜhle, Duisburg
with Witchtower, Kingdom of Salvation, Erazor, Retaliation, Battlesword uvm

14.03.2009: Brainslaughter Resurrection No, BüZe , Köln-Ehrenfeld
with Guerrilla, Motorjesus, A-Rise, Rebattered

20.02.2009: Alte Post, Langenzenn
with In Shadows That Bleed, Necropsy, Schistosoma

31.01.2009: BATTLES IN THE NORF 666, Haus Derikum, Neuss
with Sinister, Izegrim, Centaurus A, Soulcancer

28.11.2008: When Autumn Leaves-Festival, Saint, Oberhausen
with Dark Age, Symbiontic uvm

22.11.2008: Dark Embrace X, Fabrik, Köln
with A-Rise, All We Hate, Fiendish Gloom uvm

18.10.2008: Rheingebolze, Sojus, Monheim
with tba

13.09.2008: Violent Offense-Releaseparty, Lux, Ratingen
with Crikey, Stigmatized

17.05.2008: 5 Jahre Metalnight, Haus der Jugend, Neuss
with Spectral, A-Rise, Sacrasphemy, Suburb of Hell

11.04.2008: Jugendclubhaus Westend, Mönchengladbach
with Power, All Your Lies, Bloodmoon (NL), Hammerdon

08.03.2008: Helvete, Oberhausen
with Hellgore, Kadavrik

26.01.2008: BATTLES IN THE NORF 5, Haus Derikum, Neuss-Norf

01.12.2007: Jugendhaus, Schweinfurt
with Hatred, Hateful Agony

26.10.2007: POWER Releaseparty, BüZe, Köln-Ehrenfeld
with Power, Warfield Within, World Downfall + tba

06.10.2007: Destroyed World, Schützenhalle, Meschede-Olpe
with Evereve, Contradiction, Midwinter, Torian, Grailknights u.a.

05.10.2007: Steel Meets Steel, Matrix, Bochum
with Symbiontic, Sabaton uvm

21.09.2007: Step, Mönchengladbach
with Warfield Within, tba

18.08.2007: Break The Universe II, UFO, Bergisch Gladbach
with Dew-Scented, Power, Elite Hunting

24.03.2007: Love&Peace Festival III, JZ Mühle, Duisburg-Rheinhausen
with Contradiction, Brutal Unrest, Agamendon, WorldEscape

27.01.2007: Battles In The Norf 4, Haus Derikum, Neuss
with Kingdom Of Salvation, Burning Butthairs, Hatred, Purgatory

04.01.2007: turock, Essen
with One Man Army & The Undead Quartet, Misery Speaks, Sarx

22.12.2006: Schlachtnachten, Hoffnungshütte, Düsseldorf
with A-Rise, Power

15.12.2006: Rock für den Kicker!!!, Alte Post, Oelde
with Grailknights, Osyris, Insane Mind

01.12.2006: JuZe Hürth, Hürth / Köln
with Power, Warfield Within

18.11.2006: Extreme Metal Festival II, Luise, Nürnberg
with Border Of Insanity, Lunatic Affliction, Entera, Feats for the crows

21.10.2006: megaphon, Burscheid
with Kingdom Of Salvation, Human Depravity

30.09.2006: Brainslaughter-Festival, BüZe, Köln-Ehrenfeld
with Guerrilla, Motorjesus, The Satyr

09.09.2006: Thrash Until You Drop 3, Kulturwerkstatt, Paderborn
with Contradiction, Aardvarks, Bugen Hagen

02.09.2006: Rock im Loch - Open Air, Horstmarer Loch, Lünen
with Tony Gorilla, May The Force Be With You, Absence uvm

25.08.2006: Katafalk MCD-Releaseparty, Vera, Groningen [NL]
with Katafalk(NL), Outburst(NL)

29.07.2006: Sonic, Soest
with Grailknights, Osyris

28.07.2006: Z, Freiburg
with Assorted Nails + Torment Pain (FRA)

17.06.2006: Rage Against Racism - Open Air, JZ Mühle, Duisburg
with Elvenking(ITA), Goddess Of Desire(NL), Motorjesus, Hatefactor, Blood Red Angel, Synasthasia, Dynamite Kiss, The Bonny Situation

29.04.2006: Funzel, Krefeld-Gartenstadt
with Jormundgard, Jane, Tulip, Invoid

27.04.2006: Starclub, Mülheim a.d.R.
with The Legion (SWE), Rotting Faith(FRA)

21.04.2006: Acting Like Maniacs-Festival, Cafe Brink, Emmerich
with Witchtower, Stormrider, Mortal Form (NL)

01.04.2006: LUX, Ratingen
with Stormrider, Lindisfarne

28.01.2006: Battles In The Norf, Haus Derikum, Neuss
with Resurrected, Symbiontic, Respawn, Xenotaph

21.01.2006: Abyss Arise, Uni Düsseldorf, SP-Saal, Düsseldorf
with Witchtower, Atemtor, Friendly Fire, Belfry

15.01.2006: Little Devil, Tilburg (NL)
with Ephel Duath(ITA), Worldescape

13.01.2006: Ruhrmetal Band Contest, Club Saint, Oberhausen
with Crikey, Serpent Soul, Skullbreaker, Chimaera, Oneiros, Grailknights

17.12.2005: Last Night On Earth-Festival, Bürgerhaus, Anröchte
with Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, The Vision Bleak, Belphegor(AUT) u.v.m.

16.12.2005: Jugendhaus Bunker, Leverkusen
with World Downfall, Kingdom Of Salvation

10.12.2005: Eastend, Berlin
with Respawn, Hatred & Orphanhate

26.11.2005: Fairwell, Iserlohn
with Absence, Veroxity

18.11.2005: JZ Henri, Moers
with November's Fall, Synasthasia, Sacrasphemy

22.10.2005: Neckbreaker - Festival, Starclub, Mülheim
with Crikey, Nordafrost, Symbiontic, Excrementory Grindfuckers

01.10.2005: Blast Furnace, Z-Bau, Nürnberg
with Xenotaph, Burning Butthairs, Delirium Tremens, Schistosoma, Final Breath

24.09.2005: Sojus 7, Monheim
with Brutal Unrest, Symbiontic, World Downfall

10.09.2005: Break The Universe, AWO Jugendkulturhaus, Bergisch Gladbach
with World Downfall, Khaosick, Fortified, Enrage, Acts of Rage, Fratricide

15.07.2005: Dong Open Air, Dongberg, Neukirchen-Vluyn, nähe Krefeld
with Finntroll(FIN), Skyclad(UK), etc

24.05.2005: AJZ Bahndamm, Wermelskirchen
with Vomit Remnants(JAP), Godless Truth (CZ)

07.05.2005: Lindisfarne Release Party, Haus der Jugend, Solingen
with Lindisfarne, Battlesword, Suffocated Art, By Brute Force

04.05.2005: Turock, Essen
with Guerrilla, Perzonal War

29.04.2005: II. Metal Chaos Festival, Domizil, Erfurt
with Excrementory Grindfuckers, Xenotaph, Deus Diabolus, Retarded, Rotörbrett

09.04.2005: Dark Burning Metal Party, Ex, Vlotho
with Rotten Seed

27.03.2005: R(h)ein in die Fresse, Klangstation, Bonn/Bad Godesberg
with Jack Slater, Convent(POL), Tears of Decay, Gorezone

18.03.2005: Hell over Krefeld Pt.2, Schymy's Pub, Krefeld
with Goat of Mendes, Fallen Yggdrasil, Midwinter u.v.m.

11.03.2005: Spektrum, Castrop-Rauxel
with Custard, Oneiros

05.03.2005: Love & Peace Festival, JZ Mühle, Duisburg
with Resurrected, World Downfall, Warchild X, Khaosick, Shapeshifter

29.01.2005: Battles in the Norf 2, Haus Derikum, Neuss-Norf
with Katafalk(NL), Sarx, Domination, Power

16.01.2005: Metalbörse, Kulturfabrik, Esche-Alzette (Luxemburg)
with Stormrider u.a.

15.01.2005: CD Release Party, LUX, Ratingen
with Elm's Fire, Power

19.11.2004: Tear It Down Part II, Multikult, Paderborn
with Despised, Like Thousand Suns,Rotten Seed

12.11.2004: Cologne in the Dark Pt. 1, BüZe, Köln
with Dew-Scented, Hate Factor, Power, Contrary

18.09.2004: Hell Night Death & Thrashmetal, Spektakulum, Düsseldorf-Benrath
with Midwinter, Forces@Work, Rotten Seed

24.04.2004: Metal Night V, Haus der Jugend, Neuss
with Khaosick, Equilibrium, Abaddon, Guerrilla

27.03.2004: Schymy´s Pub, Krefeld-Uerdingen
with I.N.R.I.(NL), Grind Inc., Resurrected

13.03.2004: Halle Luja, Oedt
with Hate Factor, Koroded, Jack Slater, Mortal Form(NL)

31.01.2004: Battles in the Norf 1, Haus Derikum, Neuss
with Jack Slater, Sarx, Depredation

24.01.2004: Brasserie Frauental, Biedenkopf
with Sarx, Decision to Hate

23.01.2004: JZ Mühle, Duisburg-Rheinhausen
with Hate Factor, Shapeshifter, Facecut, World Downfall, Battlesword

21.01.2004: KuFa, Krefeld
with Dislike

16.01.2004: Zeilers, Frechen
with Hellmasters, Power, Chapel Desecrator

20.12.2003: Ak-47, Düsseldorf-Flingern
with On the Brink, Elm´s Fire

19.12.2003: Christmas Metal Night, U-Bahn, Iserlohn
with Assassin, Darth

25.10.2003: NRW Thrash´n`Death Fest, Spektakulum, Düsseldorf-Benrath
with Night in Gales, Mabus, Forces@Work

10.10.2003: Krust Attack, Schymy´s Pub, Krefeld-Uerdingen
with Abyssaria, Elm´s Fire

26.07.2003: Untertage, Sojus 7, Monheim
with Irmingot, Chant of Blasphemy, Eternal Frost

25.07.2003: Kantanto Blanco´s Donnerhall, Haus Spilles, Düsseldorf-Benrath
with Dream of Nebiros, Elm´s Fire

17.05.2003: Haus Derikum, Neuss-Derikum
with Human Bastard, The Satyr, Solicitude

22.03.2003: Cd Release Party, Lux, Ratingen
with Battlesword, Coronation

21.03.2003: Radhaus, Kleve
with Manstractor, Transgression

14.03.2003: Stahlwerk, Düsseldorf
with Satyr, Lost Enemy, Wicked Garden

01.03.2003: Deathparade Warmup Party, Schützenhaus, Düsseldorf-Rath
with Medea

08.02.2003: Day of Devastation, Haus Derikum, Neuss-Derikum
with Veneral Disease, Hate Factor, Elohim

17.01.2003: Radhaus, Kleve
with Elohim, Grabnebelfürsten

20.12.2002: Brainslaughter Festival VIII, BüZe, Köln-Ehrenfeld
with Veneral Disease, Serial Butcher(BEL), Human Bastard u.a.

08.12.2002: Stahlwerk, Düsseldorf
with Symbiontic, Dokmatic, Human Bastard

22.11.2002: Café Kultus, Grevenbroich
with Gang Bang, Kraneberger

25.05.2002: Nightmare Festival XVII, K17, Berlin
with Resurrected, Dark Man Shadow, Purify, Schwarze Stille

04.05.2002: 7. Mülheimer Metal Mayhem, AJZ, Mülheim an der Ruhr
with Solicitude, Symbiontic, Depredation

06.04.2002: Metalparty, Lux, Ratingen
with Witchtower, Depredation

02.02.2002: Halle Luja, Oedt
with Hate Factor, Perzonal War, Torture Chamber, Coronation

26.10.2001: United in Darkness Festival, Haus Derikum, Neuss-Derikum
with Lindisfarne, Midwinter, Abyssaria, Deiception

25.08.2001: RKW, Viersen
with Serenity in Murder, Battlesword, Suffocated Art

18.08.2001: After Death Show, Titty Twister Club, Düsseldorf
with Hate Factor, Abyssaria, Midwinter, Nebular Moon, Das Kruschke

08.06.2001: "10 Jahre Café Nord" Party, Roxy, Essen
with Guerrilla, Manstractor, Umbra, Decay

31.03.2001: Haus der Jugend, Solingen
with Lindisfarne, Suffocated Art, Forced to Decay

03.11.2000: Metalparty, Lux, Ratingen
with Midwinter, Abyssaria

01.01.1973: Till Death Festival, in so ner Scheune, Lemgo
with Join The Head, Surgery, Wasteland, Headon, Beer Pressure, No, Despised